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"Breakthrough has allowed me to assist individuals all around the state..."

Marion Barnett, Marriage/Family Therapist


"Breakthrough has really enhanced the therapeutic experience for my clients, who enjoy the convenience and how easy it is to use."

Ann Williams, Professional Counselor

Men's Issues

"I've discovered that meeting online is just as helpful for clients as meeting in my office."

Matthew Morrissey, Family Therapist


"What do I like best about Breakthrough? Convenience, convenience, convenience."

Geraldine Claire Roberts, Clinical Social Worker


"Access to medication and therapy has taken a big leap forward with Breakthrough."

Robert Cuyler, Ph.D


"Breakthrough makes it convenient to schedule sessions for my clients who are not within driving distance."

Melissa Adams, Clinical Social Worker

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*Dept of Veterans Affairs: 2012 study of 98,609 veterans who chose live video care: 25% few hospitalizations. Johns Hopkins University: 2009 study of 37 drug addicts randomized to live video group or in-person care: equal rates of recovery; patients preferred online care

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