How does Breakthrough’s online model of care compare to in-person therapy?

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Our new white paper, Breakthrough’s Quality Program: Proven Effective Online Care, highlights Breakthrough’s commitment to being a leader in outcomes assessment. The best-in-class “Breakthrough Outcomes Questionnaire” allows for continual and accurate monitoring of experiences and results. The extensive data collected through this quality program has demonstrated that online video counseling is highly effective.

Key findings

Breakthrough is not only just as effective as in-person therapy, but provides superior outcomes.

  • Average number of assessments during treatment per patient is higher than those of other systems of care.

  • Effect Size for the Breakthrough population is large.

  • Average length of time to complete first to last outcome questionnaire is less for Breakthrough patients than other systems of care.

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Key questions answered

  • What results are being achieved among patients with clinical ranges of distress?

  • How efficient is Breakthrough at providing patients with their desired results?

  • Do Breakthrough patients utilize at a level similar to in-person services?

  • How do the outcomes for Breakthrough patients compare to in-person services?

  • What kinds of clinicians participate in the Breakthrough network?

  • What Effect Sizes have been measured in the Breakthrough patient population?

"These are noteworthy results that suggest two things: first, that the Breakthrough provider network is a superior group of clinicians, and second, that the video counseling modality is just as powerful as in-person counseling." – Jeb Brown, Ph.D., CEO, Center for Clinical Informatics
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