Best Practices in Tele-Psychiatry

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Providing mental health care via telemedicine is safe and effective and improves access for clients. Adopting this new way of assessing and treating clients can provide options for practitioners that can enhance efficiency and expand options and flexibility to psychiatric practices. Adding tele-psychiatry to a practice involves preparation and new procedures. Breakthrough Behavioral is available to provide the necessary technology, practice management assistance, and customer support to launch a successful tele-psychiatry practice.

Breakthrough has prepared the following brief guide to assist new practitioners with the fundamentals and best practices for tele-psychiatry. Here are the key considerations:

Table of Contents
  1. Understand applicable regulations and laws to establish the ground rules for tele-psychiatry
  2. Follow best practices for managing prescriptions
  3. Prepare your practice for tele-psychiatry
  4. Obtain consent and engage with client
  5. Suggested patient orientation
  6. Fine-tune the tele-psychiatry environment
  7. Improve treatment planning and risk management via assessment and re-assessment