Take your practice online

We're about to make your life easier.

With our online video counseling service all your clients need in order to meet with you is a computer, webcam, and broadband internet access. This means that patients who live in remote areas, who are housebound, who have trouble lining up childcare, or just have too much going on in their lives to make room for regular therapy sessions, now have a connection to mental healthcare - and to you.

Developed by behavioral therapists, Breakthrough is HIPAA-compliant, secure, and has earned high marks from users and providers. The effectiveness of telehealth has also been vetted in several major clinical studies.

The advantages of Breakthrough

  1. A calendar

    Fewer no shows or missed appointments.

    Your clients are less likely to run into problems when they can meet you from wherever they are.

  2. More flexible hours.

    Video counseling makes it more convenient for you to offer sessions on weekends and evenings.

    A clock
  3. People

    Greater accessibility.

    You can provide care for clients who might otherwise not be able to meet, because they live far away, have trouble finding childcare, are homebound, travel, or are just busy.

  4. Improved compliance.

    Your clients may find it easier to follow through on a treatment plan; 86% of our clients who complete a first session continue to use Breakthrough.

  5. Map of The United States

    Broader market reach.

    By joining our service you'll be exposed to potential new clients from all across your state.