The Holmes-Rahe Stress Scale aims to measure your risk of developing a stress-related illness by counting how many significant life changes you experienced in the last year.

Each life change has a score for how stressful it tends to be. Studies have found that a high score on the scale correlates to increased risk of a stress-related illness.

However, life changes which create stress for some can relieve stress for others (for example, divorce). The scale is based on trends across populations.

The scale has 43 items and takes about 2 minutes to complete.


This assessment does not itself indicate a diagnosis. To determine any potential diagnosis, discuss your results with your doctor or a qualified mental health professional.

Your results will be anonymous.


Please read each of the events below, check the box for any event that you experienced in the last year, then click Submit. There are no right or wrong answers.

Please select the life events that you experienced in the last year.

  • Death of spouse

  • Divorce

  • Marital separation

  • Jail term

  • Death of close family member

  • Personal injury or illness

  • Marriage

  • Fired at work

  • Marital reconciliation

  • Retirement

  • Change in health of family member

  • Pregnancy

  • Sex difficulties

  • Gain of new family member

  • Business readjustment

  • Change in financial state

  • Death of close friend

  • Change to a different line of work

  • Change in number of arguments with spouse

  • A large mortgage or loan

  • Foreclosure of mortgage or loan

  • Change in responsibilities at work

  • Son or daughter leaving home

  • Trouble with in-laws

  • Outstanding personal achievement

  • Spouse begins or stops work

  • Begin or end school/college

  • Change in living conditions

  • Revision of personal habits

  • Trouble with boss

  • Change in work hours or conditions

  • Change in residence

  • Change in school/college

  • Change in recreation

  • Change in church activities

  • Change in social activities

  • A moderate loan or mortgage

  • Change in sleeping habits

  • Change in number of family get-togethers

  • Change in eating habits

  • Vacation

  • Christmas

  • Minor violations of the law